Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things I hate the most: No. 4 Wind

Observant readers will know (bottom right of this page if you don't fall into that category) that wind is one of the things I hate most.

You can't see it or touch it, but you most certainly can feel it, and whenever it's windy I always feel like it's trying to make life particularly bad for me. Not anyone else necessarily, just me. It blows doors open/shut just at the wrong moment, careers your recycling box half way along the street and blows your plant containers over (ok so I'm a closet gardener!) and so on.

Rain, well, just rains on you; snow you can have fun in; sunshine....well I like that a lot - but wind?

And haven't we got a lot of it about at the moment? Some of the pictures have been spectacular, but frankly I'll be glad when it's all back to normal, and I can retrieve my recycling box.

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