Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gadget Merry Go Round

I'm back with the Vox (HTC S710) as my current smartphone of choice.
The Treo which I'd gone back to a couple of weeks ago had been behaving impeccably, but yesterday threw a wobbly - first the battery seemed to discharge at a faster rate than I'd seen for a while, and then the darn thing reset itself for no apparent reason.

So, in a huff I swapped sim cards and powered up the Vox.

Really, this switching around is making me dizzy. I just know I'll be fed up of Windows Mobile again in a couple of days and want to return to the Treo.

Now the Treo Centro is shipping (allegedly) according the Shaun over at PDA 247 (even though he hasn't paid for it!!) I'm going to keep a weather eye out for his and others Centro reviews.

It may be that this is the device which will replace the Treo 680 and it's inherent faults but superb interface, and the Vox with it's lovely small form factor, good looks and super screen but the ghastly and horribly clunky Windows Mobile.

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