Thursday, December 27, 2007

Was that it?

Well I hope you all had a good one. We certainly did. Father Christmas was very kind to us all here. I got a shiny new 'puter with more RAM and GB than you can shake a fist at - well more than my "old" one anyway!
It's got Windows Vista on it, so a bit of a learning curve although first impressions are good, though loads of "security" type messages which are probably great for a novice but irritating for me - I'll no doubt find out how to turn them off later!
It came with a 20 inch widescreen monitor as well - that's nearly as big as my telly downstairs! I'm trying out now how to configure my home network (actually this one and my old one) together using wires rather than wireless as they're both in the same room and only about 6 feet apart, and I want them both to be able to access the internet independently via the Netgear router. Hmm...more googling methinks.

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