Friday, December 14, 2007

The NHS: aka Nasty Horrid Stuff

The NHS is a funny organisation. I should know. I worked for it for 19 years.
As regular readers may know, I'm on the waiting list for an op on my knee - well actually it's not my knee, but it's the knee problem that the operation will cure (allegedly) - strange I know.
I received a letter this week asking me if I still wanted the operation. What a daft question. "Actually no I don't want it thanks. Since I last saw you everything's miraculously cleared up and I can run up and down without any problems thank you very much!".
This is done under the guise of "waiting list validation", and I suppose it's to check you haven't run off and got the job done on private care (if you could afford it) and forgotten to tell them.
Still, I suppose it lets me know they haven't forgotten about me.

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