Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer - What summer?

As usual I've been neglecting my blogging duties (how do people who run regularly updated blogs find time to do it?) Well, I suppose they may not play cricket (of which more later), coach junior cricket, run a taxi service for 2 children, play skittles, have a house to decorate/upkeep and full time job and try and keep 3 websites on the go.

So what have I been up to. Playing cricket certainly hasn't been on the agenda. The rain has been persistent and we haven't played a league match in 3 weeks. No bad thing I guess considering my form before the heavens opened! After such a glorious April, the rest of the summer so far has turned into a big damp squib.

One bright spot was that the U13 cricket team I coach won their first ever match last week. I was so chuffed for them all as we've taken a bit of a battering in our other matches, but the lads have progressed really well this season and definitely deserved the win.

Let's hope the weather changes for the better soon. Apart from anything else I need to top up my suntan!

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