Tuesday, October 05, 2004


How did I come to end up as a middle manager behind a desk? Not sure - it's a long and convoluted story. What I'd really like to have done in life is be an explorer, and adventurer in the Michael Palin mould. His treks (Pole to Pole, Sahara et al) are fascinating, and take you places that you probably didn't even know existed - (yes, yes I know the Poles exist) - and if you did, probably would never get to see. His latest, Himalaya, had a brilliant opening programme that made me want to up sticks and be there right then (though my gammy bones might complain!) Of course there are a couple of problems. 1) I'm not an ex-Monty Python start in league with the BBC (I don't suppose they think "Here's a great wheeze, I'll bet that Simon Hiscocks is up for this..) and 2) you don't see ads in the paper saying "Explorer wanted". Still, I can always watch the programmes, read the books and pretend I was there. Still like to see more of the world though...

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